KRLS x Lil Bihhh Keytag


Coming at you with the NEW LittleBihhh x Kareless Keytag collab!

Nothing but respect goes out to LittleBihhh for always showing mad love for the Kareless Family and helping spread the Kareless Mindset like wildfire anywhere she goes! Whether she’s modeling, killin’ the streets, or putting in those long hours of practice at the stunt lot you already know she’s giving her all to keep that self proclaimed and well earned title of Kareless Queen!

Cortnie Elizabeth, also known as LittleBihhh rides a Kawasaki 2017 Z125Pro & 2013 Zx636. She’s been stunting for only 1 year and riding for 5!                                                                                     “I ride because it fulfills my adrenaline need and gets me to do things I never thought I’d do and live a little! I love being outside, learning and putting myself to the test. With stunt riding it allows me to step out of my comfort zone and do things I never expected I’d be good at. Nothing feels better than succeeding on what you’ve been working so hard on! Seeing the smiles on faces of impressed people, the butterflies in your stomach, the “oh shit” moments, is what I live for; its what I love! That’s why I ride :)” -Cortnie Elizabeth

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