Kareless X I am Soulless

Thanks so much I am Soulless for making the time to swing by the Kareless after Hours XSM Global studio space for a rad conversation, covering all sorts of topics and catching up on life in general! Much more fun content to come working with my brother.

Check him out on YouTube or Instagram for more cool media.

Thanks so much Lens Of Jared for all your production help!

Kareless Swingin’ by Rhythm Print Supply: Nate Hamilton

Kareless checks out Nate Hamilton’s new print shop, Rhythm Print Supply! Evan and Nate catch up and talk about what it takes to make it in the printing business, along with reminiscing on the fun times of grass roots drifting back in 2012. Nate is excited and ready to kill it next month, down at Lone Star Drift in Houston, July 2018!


SXSW Austin 2018 House Party Feat. Ashmar X Shanzyan

Great opportunity sitting down with these two very talented artist, solo they have many skills that make them stand out no question. But together they are an amazing hybrid of two fresh styles, full of character and good vibes I personally look forward to both of there solo releases coming up in the next few weeks.

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Thanks On Vinyl Media for the studio space!

SXSW Austin 2018 House Party Feat. Chucky Black

A true behind the scenes look into a Austin native working to break through as a musician with a very strong foundation of poetry and smooth word play.

Working on the side at a card shop to help pay bills, its the unique views of this talented dude that makes his future so bright!


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Thanks On Vinyl Media for the studio space!

Brian Fox X Morgan Wade @ XSM Global

Such an honor to sit down with the talented and always funny Brian Fox, from fun travel stories to high pressured extreme high stake competitions he has dealt with it all at only 22 years old. Working with such legends as Travis Pastrona, Brian has awesome insight on many powerful life lessons. As we were wrapping up it was an epic surprise that Morgan Wade made a guest appearance. Many years and insane adventures in his countless trips over seas to do stunt shows for the American troops to be discussed in so little time. It would be my pleasure to sit down with both of these guys again anytime!!